Each e-mail address has been collected by individuals supplying it when contacting the NZDPN or one of its support groups

In some cases data comprising one or more of an individual’s name, postal address, telephone number, and geographical location have been collected.  These data have been supplied by individuals when they contacted the NZDPN or one of its support groups.

All email addresses and any other data supplied are treated as confidential and only used for NZDPN communication purposes.   Information in the Network’s database is only to be held and accessed by members of the Executive Committee and the Database Manager.

An individual can request to unsubscribe or be removed at any time.  To unsubscribe send an email with the subject ‘Remove’ to unsubscribe@dystonia.org.nz

An individual can request a copy of their personal data at any time by sending an email to info@dystonia.org.nz, and the NZDPN will add to, correct or delete this when requested.